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27' Lava Twist with Landing
Vertical Rush
Wipe Out Water Slide
Bear Camp Double Lane Water Slide
Extreme Run Slide
Rock Climb Slide
22' Wacky Two Lane Slide
Rock Twist Water Slide with Pool
Double Lane Big Kahuna
Double Lane Wipe Out Water Slide
Rock Climb Slide
18' Blue Crush Water Slide
27' Lava Twist Water Slide with Pool
18' Slide
19' Rockin Rapids Water Slide
19 Foot Slide
Hawaiian Surf -n- Slide
Cars Double Lane Slide
North Woods Flume
Monster Wave
16 Foot Slide
Super Splash Down 2
22 Foot Accelerator Slide
3 Lane Slide
22 Foot Cliffhanger Slide
Triple Splash Water Slide