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16 Player LED Foosball Image
16 Player LED Foosball

8 Player LED Foosball Image
8 Player LED Foosball

Bringing Foosball into the 21st Century with our LED Foosball Table! Perfect for parties, rec rooms, showrooms, or company events.This LED game accomm...

Air Hockey Image
Air Hockey

Players must defend their own goal, while attempting to score in their opponent’s goal. The puck slides smoothly over the air powered table.

Battle Light Cones Image
Battle Light Cones

The cones can be spread out or close together, in a circle, square, triangle or even a straight line! When the game begins, the lights will illuminate...

Claw Machine Rentals Image
Claw Machine Rentals

Our Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is an exiting and fun merchandiser arcade game for rent. The Prize Crane Game, which is also known as the Claw Machi...

Dome Hockey Image
Dome Hockey

Very similar to Foosball. Players attempt to score in their opponent's goal. This hockey game is enclosed in a plastic dome, which keeps the puck fro...

Foosball Table Image
Foosball Table

Players must defend their own goal, while attempting to score in their opponent's goal. Each player is in control of four handles in which their "pla...

Four In a Row  Image
Four In a Row

A Fresh Take on a Classic! Using the jumbo LED buttons, players alternate turns and drop a digital puck into the game board. Four in a row in any dire...

Game On! Image
Game On!

Game On is a fun and exciting take on Whack-A-Mole. Use it with our IPS to see how many lights you can hit and get the highest score!

Ice Ball FX Skee Ball Image
Ice Ball FX Skee Ball

Have this boardwalk and arcade game classic at your next event! This authentic table is a fun and easy activity for guests of all ages.

Mega Wire Image
Mega Wire

Can you complete the Megawire?! Test your steadiness, hand-eye coordination, and patience! Players must navigate the hand held metal ring across 12 li...

Ms Pacman Image
Ms Pacman

Ms. Pacman puts a twist on the old school Pacman arcade game. Just like the original you must collect all of the pellets to move on to the next level...